henderson 2How long have you been coming to WA Aerial Fitness Studio and what classes have

done/are still doing?

I joined WA Aerial Fitness in November 2013. I started with all three- pole, hoops and silks.

What made you decide to join WA Aerial Fitness Studio 

In June 2013 I was travelling South America and I was at a club in Argentina where they had

aerialists suspended from the roof performing on hoops and silks. I was in absolute awe- I couldn’t

take my eyes off them. I moved to Bunbury in September 2013 for work, and found through the

grapevine there was a pole studio offering hoops and silks. I thought it would be a good way to

meet new people in this town and give the aerials a go!

What exercise do you do outside of WA Aerial Fitness Studio ?

I’m a gym junkie and I also do dance classes. I have taught dance since I was 15.

What is your favourite thing about being an instructor?

The look on the students face when they nail a move. I also love their enthusiasm for class- when

students are so motivated to come back the next week because they cant wait to try their new

move again or they’re eager to know what they will learn next

Why do you love Aerials?

I get to dance and workout all at the same time

When you first started, during your first few weeks, how did you feel?

I was super nervous to start, but the nerves quickly dissolved when I found out how lovely the WA

Aerial Fitness family is! In my first few weeks I also discovered I had muscles in places I didn’t think

I had- I was feeling a new kind of “good sore” which meant I knew I was getting a decent workout

What challenges have you encountered throughout your Aerial experience, was there a turning

point for you? Is there anything you still struggle with now?

Competing in my fist competition after only 18 months of having done pole was pretty

challenging. I loved every minute of it though. Also spending 4 months in Dubai to teach pole and

hoops was pretty amazing. All the usual challenges of moving, travelling and teaching were

combined and rolled into one. I am forever grateful for having been given that opportunity. It was

truly life changing and the exciting thing is, im back here in WA with a head full of knowledge I

learnt whilst overseas that I cant wait to share it all

Who are your aerial inspirations?

Kristy Sellars is my pole crush. I love her explosive energy. I also identify with her really well. She

has the strength, physique and style that I aim for.

What is your favourite move and why?

Ballerina- its super easy to pose for a photo in ballerina as you can give it your own style through

variations or facial expressions. It is also really elegant and looks graceful on a spinning pole.


Performer in the 2014 SWAPC opening

Competitor in the 2015 SWAPC

Aerial Hoops performer 2015 SWAPC

Co MC for the 2016 SWAPC

Performer for BREC gigs (The Cube opening, Out of the Box events), Hope Warriors Charity Ball,

City of Bunbury Majors Annual Dinner, Chefs Long Table Lunch, life model for Bunbury Regional

Art Galleries drawing class (posing on pole), aerialist in Peter Pan (Margaret River Theatre Group),

performer for Rumours Entertainment Dubai and instructor for Polercise Dubai.

What advice would you give to a brand new aspiring aerial artist?

Walk into the studio with an open mind and no expectation for yourself. Give it all you’ve got and

you will fall in love. Say yes to every opportunity that passes by- whether its workshops, a

performance opportunity taking a pole class in a different country if you are travelling