Our Studio




The very first expansion of the studio takes place! WA Aerial Fitness takes over the back half of the building increasing the amount of poles to ten! The studio is now 50sqm

Throughout the year WA Aerial Fitness takes part in a charity show which helps to raise $19,500 for Relay For Life with the money going towards the Cancer Council.

The WA Aerial Roadshow is launched. A team of students and instructors available to perform at a variety of functions and events. It is not long before the roadshow has a steady stream of events booked.


The first ever South West Australian Pole Championships (SWAPC) is held at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre. Studios from all over the South West were invited to compete, with Shicara Linnett from WA Aerial Fitness taking out the title. Caris Hilder from WA Aerial Fitness coming in second and  Mel Kingshot from Fitzy’s Pole ‘n’ Tone Mandurah taking out third place. The event is a huge success and becomes an annual event which quickly grows to become Australia’s third largest audience competition. The event also becomes part of the National round of Pole Championships with the winner of the SWAPC event automatically qualifying for the state championships.

WA Aerial Fitness grows even more!  A further 16 sqm is added to the studio to accommodate a small shop selling aerial accessories and merchandise.

Exit Nightclub in the Bunbury CBD approach Tracey to have WA Aerial Roadshow perform regularly at the club. The Roadshow team starts a weekly performance on the club’s main stage with dance and pole shows.


The studio expands again to accommodate a room for Aerial Hoops – also known as Lyra.

Along with the introduction of Hoops Tracey also designed a book series of Pole and Hoop moves with the help of friend and photographer Sarah Henderson of Henderson Photographics. The books “Pole and Aerial Hoops Handbook 101” are available internationally in hardcopy and as e-books. Before long the handbooks were the ‘go to’ handbook for aspiring aerialists around the world.

WA Aerial Fitness Hard Core Development classes are also launched. An 8 week course in finding, developing, exercising and engaging core strength.

The second annual SWAPC is held in Bunbury. The competition moves to a new home, the South West Italian Club and is a sell out with WA Aerial Fitness’s own Shicara Linnett taking out the title for the second year running! Also from WA Aerial Fitness, Jade Elward & Jassy Chia (now a sponsored Athlete by WA Aerial Fitness) round out the top three. Jade and Shicara are offered an opportunity to travel to the UK to represent Australia in a bid to get Pole Fitness included as an event in the Olympic Games.


Another extension to the studio and with so many people wanting to join WA Aerial Fitness’s team of instructors grew to up to ten. The studio now takes over the entire half side of the building and is 125 sqm of Aerial delights!

SWAPC is another sell out success and the winners, Sarah Henderson, Jade Elward & Jassy Chia are once again all students from WA Aerial Fitness. Cementing the studios reputation for developing strong performers. A double section is added to the competition and Mel Kingshot and Kellie Murphy (Fitzy’s Pole ‘n’ Tone) take out the title.


Aerial Silks is added to the ever expanding menu of Aerial options available at WA Aerial Fitness, classes for all disciplines were full and students were achieving heights they had previously only dreamed of. The caring and encouraging atmosphere Tracey had created at the studio welcomed people of all shapes, sizes and genders in. Students who started class off shy and nervous were soon screaming in excitement at nailing a move and cheering on fellow students as they progressed.

The fourth annual SWAPC sells out and a Men’s section is included. Winners include Caris Hilder (WA Aerial Fitness), Caitlin Hiller (Fitzy’s Pole ‘n’ Tone), Jess Minchin (WA Aerial Fitness). James Foster (WA Aerial Fitness) takes out the men’s title with Carly Allen and Jaye Wulff, both from WA Aerial Fitness winning the doubles competition. Carly and Jaye go on to place third in the state championships and then fly to Malaysia for the Pole Stars Championships and walk away with the title!

Flexibility courses are launched to help students improve their stretch and make their aerial moves stunning!


WA Aerial Fitness takes over the second half of the building. Rebrands WA Aerial Fitness as South West’s first Aerial Fitness Studio. Included in the expansion a plethora of Aerial obsessions on offer including workshops in Floor Work and Doubles Pole, learning to piece together a routine begin for students interested in bringing their performance to the next level.

Once again SWAPC is a sell out, with WA Aerial Fitness’s own sister sensations Carly Allen and Jaye Wulff once again taking out the doubles competition! Jaye also bring home the singles title and goes on to perform at the State Championships in Perth. Second and third place went to Kasey Martyn (Fitzy’s Pole ‘n’ Tone) and Casey McMahen (Core Fusion)

Aerial Yoga is launched mid September and is an instant hit. The combination of stretchy yoga moves with all over body conditioning compliments the other apparatus in the studio beautifully.

WA Aerial Fitness is ever growing and there are so many more exciting events, classes and expansions coming in the future, we look forward to updating this page! Watch this space! We OWN the air!