High FUNctioning Therapy Programme

‘Quite possibly the most comprehensive and beneficial sensory activity I have come across in my career as an occupational therapist.’ ~Angie Vos Why is Aerial Skill Development the right choice?

The activities and poses have been developed with not only the foundation and theory of aerial yoga, aerial silks and circus skills; With an emphasis on what the brain and nervous system need for enrichment and self-regulation.

Children, Teens, Family and Couples sessions are available for those who would benefit from the experience of working together in a safe, supportive environment, that encourages fun, skill, communication, trust and bonding.

Individual adult sessions are also available for clients with self-esteem issues, fear of heights, anxiety, depression etc

We have had remarkable results with our program thus far – in essence self esteem is created resulting in confidence, satisfaction, and a sense of achievement.

This program will benefit individuals faced with:

  • Behavioral issues  / Self-esteem issues
  • Sensory and processing issues
  • Emotional and physical challenges
  • Designed ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, PDD, Cerebral Palsy, SPD

Therapeutic Benefits gained

  • Bilateral coordination skills
  • Muscle strength, including one’s core
  • Crossing the midline abilities
  • Brain and body balancing
  • Self esteem & trust
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to overcome fears
  • Communication with peers
  • Balance, flexibility and coordination
  • Focus and attention
  • Touch, sensitivity breakdown

More benefits

The vestibular system is activated the entire time one is suspended in the hammock. The amount and intensity of the vestibular input is variable, and controlled by the child, depending on the sensory needs at that moment.The body receives an incredible dose of full body proprioception while different muscles are engaged in different poses. Inversions are such an incredible tool for self-regulation, and a very common position in aerials.

Carers are shown how to support, ‘spot’ their client and are welcome to engage in activities. The use of the suspended materials allows for a supported activity to place the spine in traction. Full body deep pressure touch is ongoing and variable depending on the position in the hammock. One can also simply get cozy in the hammock for a nice calming and soothing dose of full body deep pressure touch in full flexion. The hammock ‘hugging’ the body is fantastic for kids who suffer tactile defensiveness.

Body awareness, body in space/limbo, and motor skills are facilitated and promoted while engaged in the poses.Prone extension and full body flexion body sensorimotor positions are used throughout the activities.

WA Aerial’s FUNctional Therapy program is a positive approach to mentally and physically challenged individuals who need to have some fun.

Results will be almost Immediate

  • Mind and Body Coordination – will deliver immediate results.
  • Focus, balance, orientation of one’s body, flexibility. Memory skill whilst learning routines.
  • Physical Improvements
  • Muscle tone, overall strength, coordination and motor skills (engaging the whole body to achieve a fluid, smooth movement) equal strength development
  • Social Skills
  • Cooperation, taking turns, sharing, joining in with friends, making and maintaining friendships, compromising and learning to be flexible, communication including conversation skills, reading and understanding social situations, perspective taking, using impulse control, managing frustration, teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal space.
  • Emotional Growth
  • Self-esteem, empathy, and overcoming fears

As participants will stimulate their imagination and creativity by learning all of our Aerial Therapy Activities in a playful, social setting. We work with both the physical and social aspects of timing; not only of when to do a trick, but also when to speak and when to listen.