Kaitlin Muir

kaitlin-muirHow long have you been coming to WA Aerial Fitness Studio and what classes have you done/are still doing?

My first pole lesson was in May 2014. I started doing 1 class per week and after a couple of months decided I needed more pole time and started a second class every week.

I have recently tried aerial hoops and have already fallen in love with this apparatus too!

What made you decide to join WA Aerial Fitness Studio ?
I have never really been one to enjoy exercise and decided I needed to find something to keep me active that I would actually enjoy. I briefly tried pole when I was living in Queensland and loved it but I wasn’t aware that there was a pole studio in Bunbury until meeting Tracey at the South West Women’s Expo. My aerial addiction has been growing ever since.

What exercise do you do outside of WA Aerial Fitness Studio ?
Pole is definitely my main form of exercise but I also go to the gym to help strengthen my upper body and core. (It is no where near as fun as pole!)

What is your favourite thing about being an instructor?
I love seeing the happiness and excitement on someone’s face when they learn a new move or finally get something they have been working on for a while.

Why do you love Aerials?
Where do I start? I love how strong and confident it makes me feel. The atmosphere is so amazing and I know if I’m having an off day I will feel so much better once I’m in the studio.

When you first started, during your first few weeks, how did you feel?
I felt so nervous when I first started, had very little self confidence and kept comparing myself to others. With all the encouragement from the instructors as well as everyone in the classes I soon came to realise that no one was there to judge me and began to have so much fun.

What challenges have you encountered throughout your Aerial experience, was there a turning point for you? Is there anything you still struggle with now?
I always tended to get super frustrated when I couldn’t get a move. Though I have come to realise that there are some moves that just aren’t for me and others that happen a lot easier for me.

I also struggle with my hand being so slippery. I just kept trying different grip aids until I found the ones that worked best for me.

Who is your aerial inspiration?

All of the instructors at the studio inspire me every day and of course the wonderful Tracey – without her I would have a very boring life with no pole.

What is your favourite move and why?

Hmmmm, it’s hard to choose just one move, but I would probably have to say ‘Superman’. This was a move that just ‘clicked’ for me and I love the variations you can do from it.

Another one I love at the moment is ‘Allegra’, because it looks so pretty.

None…. yet!

What advice would you give to a brand new aspiring aerial artist?

Don’t give up, have lots of fun and don’t compare yourself to others – everyone progresses at their own pace.