Master Instructor Courses

Master Instructor Courses are available for the dedicated Advanced Instructors that strive for enhanced training, understanding and knowledge of the sport, physiology and ability to pass on their knowledge. Master trainers are the ambassadors of the IPDFA ensuring that education and qualifications are updated and regulated worldwide.

IPDFA Australasia are looking to increase our group of Master Trainers to support the growing demand for qualified Instructors.

Master Trainers are paid for their work for the IPDFA.

IPDFA Pole Pro Australasia Courses are registered through Fitness Australia and are accepted as a course earning Fitness Instructors their additional 15 CEC points, needed to maintain their qualifications.

It is through the  Fitness Australia Association that IPDFA is registered as the only Association whereby Instructors Members and Studio’s will be recognised and insured as an Aerial Federated Sport.

Pricing: IPDFA Master Trainer Courses $1500