IPDFA logo on whiteThe International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) was formed in 2007 as an International platform to unite all aspects of the pole world under one umbrella. IPDFA’s passionate leader, Ania Przeplasko (pshe-plaz-ko) is the driving force behind the association’s mission for International unification and acceptance as a legitimate sport.

Inspired by her own achievements, Ania felt the need to share her ideology and passion to give our sport and our athletes legitimate respect, equitable rights and International recognition. She has provided a pathway to help unite not only students, teachers and studio owners but also competitions, brands, books, DVDs, workshops, fabricators, federations and even regions, cities, countries and continents. The industry is united through one voice and one vision achieved through an International association passionate enough to listen to the needs of its community.

IPDFA have provided our Industry with many resources, to educate, guide and develop our rapidly growing sport.


As an association, IPDFA strive to achieve their objectives, to

  • Classify Pole as a sport in both male and female divisions.
  • Represent and act as a supervisory body for the growing sport of Pole.
  • Create a global database to inform, educate, unite and lead the industry.
  • Maintain an accessible record of qualified instructors and studios globally.
  • Create a forum (FaceBook IPDFA over 75 000 members)
  • Train and accredit instructors to the high standards accepted by world associations and federations. (IPDFA, AAA, AASPF, FA)
  • Set an International standard for all levels of development along with a structured education program – (IPDFA Pole Pro Instructor Courses)
  • Create a Global Pole Language (Pole Positions Encyclopedia)
  • Standardise National Championships (IPDFA Registered Competitions)
  • Creating an opportunity for aspiring athletes to compete Internationally (IPC Nationals)
  • Create an annual International Championship, with guidelines and regulated rules to follow globally. (IPC)
  • Initiate International affiliations and partnerships.
IPDFA Pole Positions Book

A necessary and important tool in the pole dancing industry. As a new sport and industry, Pole is developing and evolving so quickly it is important to stay up to date with new moves and transitions.

  • Encyclopedia of Pole Positions and Moves
  • Covers all levels of development from Basic through to Advanced
  • Standardised pole names
  • Standardize pole positions
  • Guideline for competition judges & competitors


IPDFA Membership $75 Per Annum
  • Listed on the IPDFA Members Register
  • Receive IPDFA Registered Membership login details – 1 year online access
  • IPDFA Unique Instructor Exchange Program, Members Only
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  • Opportunity to work for IPDFA earning money
IPDFA Studio Membership $200 Per Annum
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  • Receive the latest Pole News online
  • Able to utilise the IPDFA Volare Magazine as an advertising mechanism
  • Professional Networking Opportunities to host Pole Professional Athletes
  • Partake in the IPDFA International Exchange programme
  • Qualify free when four of your Instructors sign up through your studio
  • Earn Money Hosting Workshops
  • Automatically qualify for Master Trainer Opportunity
  • Access to online video Tutorials
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  • Access to Online Members only clothing store
IPDFA Registered Competitions $250 P/A
  • Listed on the IPDFA Members & Competition Members Register
  • Sponsored Packages for the Winners to the Value of $1000 for each winner
  • Internationally Accredited regulated IPDFA Competition Rules
  • Affiliate your competition with IPC
  • Opportunity to host an IPC Competition
  • Increase Credibility with the use of IPDFA Qualified Judges from around the globe
  • Receive IPDFA Registered Competition Membership login details
  • Use IPDFA Social Media Marketing to promote your event
  • Invite IPDFA Sponsored Athletes to Judge, Perform and run workshops after your event.
  • Access to online IPDFA Members Store


IPDFA Judge (E-Pole Judge)

As leaders of the Pole Dance Revolution IPDFA brings you a programme to use as a fair judging system at IPDFA Registered Competitions.

  • IPDFA introduced the very first Online Judging System in the Industry.  Includes IPDFA Judging system to operate by default
  • Can be used on any computer, laptop or ipad
  • Displays results Immediately
  • Official Judging software used in the International Pole Championships and World Pole Sport Championship.