Vertical Pole

Pole Fitness, Vertical Pole, Pole Dancing, Polercise – however you choose to look at it or refer to it, one thing is a given. It’s your new addiction! You will train on your own pole during class and will progress at your own pace, our instructors are trained to help you get the most out of your classes by challenging you with moves to increase your strength and skills. Students train on both 50mm and 38mm stainless steel custom fabricated poles. We want to help you achieve your greatest challenges and break through your own expectations of your abilities. Then we want to stand back and watch your pride, self-esteem and body change as you challenge yourself on a whole different level, amongst a group of women and men who will become a part of your new extended aerial family.

Pole is practised at six levels as follows…

Basic – learn a few spins and climbs on the pole and basic combinations to help increase your upper body strength. You will learn to find and engage your core control through a series of spins and holds.

Intermediate level – at this level you are developing core muscle control by doing a series of inverted moves, learning to hold yourself with thigh grip and going backward off the pole, lying down and climbing.

Advanced Level –  You progress to much more challenging moves, like Hand Springs, Shoulder Mounts and Ayesha’s… It’s all about strength and control at this level.

Expert Level – the name says it all, most of the moves performed on this level are based on balancing off the apparatus by using only 2 points of balance like a hand and a foot or simply an elbow and a hand. Core control has reached almost 100% and you are ready to compete in the SWAPC level competitions.

Extreme – Most of these moves are either performed from an aerial start point or they are achieved when the body is balancing in a horizontal position by simple combinations of base, balance and core control.

Elite – Professional Level training and tricks this is taking the sport past the extreme. The combinations and flips, tricks and landing skills of these moves are simply performed as a developed skill and undying dedication to this sport.