Short Courses

We have short courses starting throughout the year. Want to work on your core strength? Maybe get extra flexy? Fancy learning how to do a perfect handstand? We have the course for you!

All short course run for 6 weeks and cost $80.00.


New Course Starting Early 2016 – register your interest NOW!

Wanna get hard CORE?? Our six-week core conditioning course starts soon!! We will teach you to find, engage and work your core. This course is an excellent accompaniment for any of your aerial classes to help you hold and control your moves or for anybody wanting to have greater core strength. Suitable for all levels.

Flex Splits

New Course Starting Early 2016 – register your interest NOW!

Get flex with Jess! For all levels of flexibility this six week course will stretch you out! Whether you want to work on just getting into the splits or want to train your overspilt this course is for you!! Suitable for all levels.

Flex Torso

Next course starting – TBA

Wanna be bendy? Our Flex Torso course will help increase the flex in your back and torso, taking your bend back to the next level! Suitable for all levels.

Basic Handstands and Balance

Next course starting soon!

Learn the basics of standing on your hands! The course will help you control your handstands, and find the perfect body position to keep your balance longer and stronger! Suitable for all levels

Advanced Hand Balancing

Next course starting – TBA

Take your hand balancing to the next level. Recommended for students who have already completed Basic Handstands and Balance, this course will push you further and teach you all sorts of tricks. Suitable for advanced handstand students.


Next course starting – TBA

Join our all over body conditioning course designed specifically for students training in the aerial arts. This course is a serious work out which will get you stronger and will boost your abilities throughout all your aerial classes! Suitable for all levels.


Next course starting – TBA

Want to enter the world of performance but aren’t really sure how to put together a routine? This short course will take you through all the steps. From putting moves together on the apparatus, to adding in floor work, picking out the perfect song, costume and theme combination. If you have ever considered entering a competition or performing on stage this course is for you! Suitable for all levels!

Doubles Pole

Next course starting – TBA

Add an extra challenge to your pole training with a doubles class. Partner up and learn how to work together as a team to create beautiful moves. Communication is key in this class as you wing each other around the pole and work in perfect unison to create a show stopping performance. Suitable for Intermediate Pole students and up.

Floor Work

Next course starting – TBA

In any performance floor work is a beautiful way to help tell your story. It can be hard to know where to begin! Let us teach you some of the basics of creating a floor work to compliment your performance.

Flips ‘n’ Tricks

Next course starting – TBA

Hey all you tricksters! Come and flip around with us! Learn how to safely perform flips and tricks with strength, control and finesse.