Aerial Silks

silks-info-page-1By joining our Aerial Silks Classes, you will not find yourself tumbling like Pink in 3 months, welcome your new challenge and watch out for the sheer strength developed whilst training on gentle fabric as your apparatus.

Silks develops, all over body strength and control. It is fun, challenging and still looks absolutely beautiful. Always a jaw dropper and forever increasing in popularity. This gravity defying circus act is now your latest way to get super strong and flexible super fast! As our roof height is not higher than 10m we do not consider ourselves a circus school –  but we prefer to think of ourselves as using circus/aerial equipment for fitness and strength.

We have three levels for Silks as follows..

Basic – teaches you how to climb, gain control and condition your body to be able to stay up the silks overcome your arm pump and learn that hanging from silks, even upside down is completely normal. We concentrate on balance and core control, develop the shoulders and learn control and how to create back support with sheer control.

Intermediate – this level is fun! You start learning basic drops and wraps, we teach you doubles holds and start you feeling like you could one day join a circus.

Advanced – teaches, drops, and combinations on the silk defying gravity whilst looking graceful and feeling like an aerial God/Goddess.