Aerial Hoops

Jess Hoops

Imagine a Hoola Hoop made of stainless steel hanging from the ceiling. You feel like a little girl balancing atop of your circular swing. Aerial Hoops also known as
Lyra are a back, shoulder and thigh strengthening exercise that will blow your mind. Whilst it looks pretty and graceful, the skill, and strength required are something that only a student will appreciate. You will have your own hoop to train on and the classes are small so your instructor will always be close by for support and assistance.

Aerial Hoops has three levels as follows…

Basic – Teaching you the grips, positions and variations like spinning, hanging, knee conditioning and balance which are basic prerequisites needed to advance in Hoops.

Intermediate – shows you how to string together various moves and hangs spins and positions all the while enjoying the ability to perform a beautiful routine of sheer magnificence leaving an audience breathless.

Advanced – gets a bit circus crazy, performing moves on top of the hoop and even using the slack line that it hangs from. It enters into the daredevil state of performance and doubles becomes a welcoming part of the classes. Flexibility is at a maximum and the strength developed at this stage of training is paramount.