Carrie Ann Gallo

carrie-anneCarrie is one of our newest instructors at Polercise WA. She started in August 2015 and currently instructs Basic Pole and Aerial Yoga classes.

How long have you been coming to Polercise W.A. and what classes have you done/are still doing? 

I started pole in June 2015 and it was love at first spin! I trained in Pole up until advanced and then started doing aerial hoops and as soon as silks classes opened I joined that too! At the moment I still train in hoops and silks but I also do core and flex classes too.

What made you decide to join Polercise W.A?

I had heard that there a pole studio had opened up but never really got around to doing anything about it, then one day I got talking to a stunning woman who walked into the brewery I worked at. That woman was Tracey! She told me about the studio and insisted I must come try out a class!

I had never been very athletic, I’m not a dancer, or a gymnast and I never really did a lot of exercise. One pole class and I was hooked! Something about it just clicked with me and I never stopped coming back!

What exercise do you do outside of Polercise W.A?

I actually don’t do anything regular outside the studio other than walk my dog. Polercise W.A. gives me everything I need

What is your favourite thing about being an instructor?

I love watching people grow, not just in strength and skill but in confidence too. I also thrive on the excitement of watching someone nail a move, especially if it’s one they’ve been struggling with. It’s such a great feeling of achievement and it is so fun to share in that.

Why do you love Aerials?

I love that it’s really working with your own body and pushing it to its limits to see how far it can go. I love the confidence that I found in myself when I started training. I love the atmosphere at the studio. Tracey has really created such a beautiful, encouraging, warm atmosphere in the studio. I always feel safe in the hands of my fellow instructors and comfortable around my fellow students. It’s impossible to feel self conscious or dejected when everyone around you is screaming and cheering for you.

When you first started, during your first few weeks, how did you feel?

Well, I walked into my first class so nervous, especially because I have zero dance or acro or gym background but everyone was just so welcoming. I walked away from the class with a buzz, I couldn’t wait to get back the next week. There were definitely moments of feeling completely uncoordinated and useless but I just wanted more and more, I was in love!

What challenges have you encountered throughout your Aerial experience, was there a turning point for you? Is there anything you still struggle with now?

I am an overthinker. When I first started you could practically see the wheels turning in my head trying to pull apart each move, I thought so much about all the little things that I would psych myself out. It really just took time, and every now and then I still say to myself “just do it!”.

I am also not very flexible so that is something that is difficult in some moves and it’s something that I really have to work on. Luckily we do flexibility classes now so I’m determined to get my splits!

Who are your aerial inspirations?

Tracey! Not just because she is insanely talented in Aerials but because of her whole attitude towards the sport and her students. She makes each and every single student feel special and cared about and having someone who believes in you makes you so much more determined. Without Trace I would never have found this sport, which I am so passionate about.

Olivia Oates – I follow Olivia on instagram and she is stunning! So strong and flexible and seems so down to Earth. Her routines are gorgeous.

What is your favourite move and why?

Pole – Extended Butterfly- it is a pretty simple move but it is so impressive and pretty to look at. It’s my default move to show people when they ask to see something. (it’s also really easy to do “street poling”).

Hoops – Hox- this is another move I just love the look of. Everyone looks like a superstar in Hox!

Silks – Mermaid and Half Angel – I love these moves for two reasons, first up, they look great and flow together nicely. Secondly, there is a pretty similar move on Hoops also called Mermaid and that move was my nemesis for so long. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, I kept overthinking it and I struggled for so long. Then I started Silks and got Mermaid straight away! Next time I did Hoops, I NAILED THAT MERMAID! Now I love the move on both apparatus.


Nothing yet… I’m more of a behind the scenes kind of girl but who knows! You might see me under those bright lights sometime!

What advice would you give to a brand new aspiring aerial artist?  

Just do it! Seriously, just jump in there and don’t worry if you aren’t ‘getting it’ right away. Nobody gets it right away. Just keep at it, but if you are really struggling and getting frustrated with a particular move just put it aside for a week or two and work on something else. You will eventually defeat even your most difficult move!