Carly Allan

Carly carly-allenhas been an instructor with Polercise WA since 2014. She currently teaches Pole, Doubles Pole and Core Workshops and will soon be bringing some brand new and exciting ventures to the studio so watch this space!

How long have you been coming to Polercise W.A. and what classes have you done/are still doing?

I started pole with my sister in 2010 and have since also tried doubles pole, hoops, silks, core, flex and workshops! I look forward to trying any other new classes that start too!

What made you d
ecide to join Polercise W.A?

After participating in some weird and wonderful acrobatic sports as a child, I was excited to try a new aerial sport which was also creative and provided an avenue for functional and full body strength all unexpectedly within my home town! I am even more excited that it has now become  a one-stop aerial studio!

What exercise do you do outside of Polercise W.A?

Barely none now as the studio has become so diverse there are so many different things to try and do. When I have time when I am not at the studio I love to run and compete in the occasional triathlon and local fun runs, as well playing in the South West Netball League.

What is your favourite thing about being an instructor?

I LOVE the energy and atmosphere of the studio and being a part of that. I love seeing people gradually build their strength without even realising it and seeing their amazement when they nail a new move and progress to the next challenge.

Why do you love Aerials?

I have always loved different sports and challenging myself to achieve new things that are “out of the box”. It is also an ideal way to maintain functional fitness, flexibility and strength and express yourself in an artistic way. I am a creative person so it is a great way to express yourself and your body.

When you first started, during your first few weeks, how did you feel?

EXCITED!!! It was everything and more than we expected. It was such fun doing it with my sister as well and challenging each other to progress each week (note: the competitive nature). Although we were a little self-conscious in the first couple of weeks, this quickly faded.

What challenges have you encountered throughout your Aerial experience, was there a turning point for you? Is there anything you still struggle with now?

My flexibility has and always will remain a challenge for me. I am not naturally flexible, however you soon realise that everyone has their strength’s and weaknesses and although I have a lot of upper body strength, I certainly don’t have flex. I am constantly trying to work on this!

From a performance perspective I also struggle with confidence and being comfortable “performing”. Competing in doubles was the best avenue for this. I still have a lot of work to do but the more you do it the better and more comfortable you become.

Who are your aerial inspirations?

Carlie Hunter & Heidi Coker are my pole idols because of their strength and amazing flips that fit with my style and strengths. Kenneth Kao is also pretty dam inspiring with his ninja style tricks!

What is your favourite move and why?

Back sault flip into handspring. This is a move I thought I couldn’t do and I was pushed to do it and finally got it by breaking it down. It got me hooked on flips of all kinds and helped me gain confidence to try more and more!


As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) with Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) I am a practising Allied Health Practitioner which I love to apply to my instructing and classes.

On the competing front, I have been lucky enough to have had the support and encouragement to start competing in 2014. I started with a doubles performance with my sister in the local competition and expanded from there. I look forward to competing more in the future.

  • South West Australian Pole Championships 2014 – Doubles Champion with Jaye Wulff
  • South Australian Pole Championships 2014 – Doubles – 3rd Place with Jaye Wulff
  • Pole All Stars Malaysia 2014 – Ameteur Duo – Champion with Jaye Wulff
  • South West Australian Pole Championships 2015 – Doubles – Champion with Jaye Wulff
  • South West Australian Pole Championships 2015 – Solo – 5th Place

What advice would you give to a brand new aspiring aerial artist?  

Just give it a go and persist! You are not always going to get EVERY move but try everything, persist and find your niche.