Anna Edmundson

annaAnna is one of our newest instructor! She will be teaching Pole and Aerial Silks

How long have you been coming to WA Aerial Fitness Studio and what classes have you done/are still doing?

I started in November 2013 and so far have only been doing pole classes; though I’ve had a go at silks a few times and absolutely love it; I think silks will be my next addiction.

What made you decide to join WA Aerial Fitness Studio 

In 2012 a colleague took me to the SWAPC. I never heard of the studio before, but coming from a dance background, I was intrigued. The moment I started watching I was in awe about the strength and acrobatic skills of the girls on stage and decided I should give it a go. It took me over a year to get a spot in a beginners class, but I was hooked from the get-go.

What exercise do you do outside of WA Aerial Fitness Studio ?

I have been doing yoga since about 2009 and love my regular yoga class, even though it’s only once a week.

What is your favourite thing about being an instructor?

I shall answer that when I start instructing

Why do you love Aerials?

I love the feeling it gives you, you feel strong while still looking graceful and it gives you a kind of high as there’s always a tiny bit of risk involved when learning a new move, and when you get it, it’s this Wow moment you get about yourself. In the studio I also love the atmosphere, the companionship between all the students and the instructors, there’s always such a buzz.

When you first started, during your first few weeks, how did you feel?

I remember looking at the other girls, especially in the classes above me, thinking, OMG how can you do this? Will I ever be able to do it? But I had so much fun, and the atmosphere in the studio and the support and motivation you get from the instructors and everyone else, just makes you want to keep going and keep trying.

What challenges have you encountered throughout your Aerial experience, was there a turning point for you? Is there anything you still struggle with now?

I still struggle with lots. At the moment it’s this move called Janeiro, it just doesn’t want to happen…. There’s days or sometimes week when you feel like you hit a wall and nothing seems to work, the simplest moves are just the biggest struggle. Sometimes, some moves fall into place straight away, others you do for weeks and weeks and you wait for the moment when it makes ‘click’ and all of a sudden you get it. That’s the best feeling. But yes, I still got so much to learn but I hope that with time I gain more strength and the struggles become less.

Who are your aerial inspirations?

There are at least 4 girls/instructors at Polercise Bunbury who are a huge inspiration to me! I also love Marion Crampe, Felix Cane and Jenyne Butterfly.

What is your favourite move and why?

Hm, tough one….I love Sagittarius, I think it’s a really pretty move. I also now love Aysha splits, probably because it took me so long to get it, and now I pretty much nail it every time I try it 😉 There are lots I love doing and others which I can’t do, which I love watching.


None yet completed, but currently studying for my IPDFA certificate and becoming an instructor.

What advice would you give to a brand new aspiring aerial artist?

Don’t give up! And have fun!